About Us


To be the hospice provider of choice for patients experiencing the last phase of life due to the existence of terminal illness. To promote a work environment where team work flourishes, on-going improvement is encouraged, and accomplishment is recognized.


AmeriHealth Hospice Provider is built on a concept of care through the enhancement of quality of life through comfort care. It strives to support patients and families in the process of coping with the dying, but at the same time sustaining a sense of autonomy, self worth, and security.


Supporting quality improvement, efficiency, and productivity. Maintaining competence through continuous education, training, and development. Fostering team work to depict a holistic continuum of care to meet the patient’s and family’s needs as the end of life draws near.

Why You Should Choose
AmeriHealth Hospice Provider

AmeriHealth Hospice Provider takes care a step further by stressing the importance of timely service. To the terminally ill life ceases to be just a battle against pain and suffering. Life becomes a race against the clock. Every second is crucial in giving the patients life more meaning. Let AmeriHealth Hospice help you and you loved ones, because every second holds a lifetime of love.

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